KJ Racing- International Pigeon Center
KJ Racing- International Pigeon Center

The Next Generation of Winners

  KJ Racing pigeons is a performance based loft in Texas. My Goal is to breed only the absolute highest quality of Racing Pigeons in North America and around the world. By combining performance and selective breeding others have the oportunity to obtain a higher level of achievement with my birds.


  I strive for The Next Generation of Winners in my birds and feel that my collection accomplishes that. 

   My National Ace Collection, Super Star, and CJ Steinmann birds all offer unique and individual positives in helping with the success of my loft. Each page highlights their characterisics along with racing results, pictures, and facts.


  Please feel free to contact me in regards to any additional questions you may have about birds shown on my website or information listed. Enjoy.  


*Another child of a 1st National Ace Pigeon has been purchased by KJ Racing. This one "World Famous" is a direct daughter of "Miss World" the #1 middle distance pigeon of the world 2012"

** Now accepting PayPal for convenience of payment

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